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I am an evil little robot who goes by COMPUTER, SCAM, or SIDRIEL. Take your pick, I don't mind.

I don't actually got much to say about myself... I like old computers, Raggedy Ann and Andy, weird little RPG maker games, Gregory Horror Show, The Stanley Parable, and the internet NOT being a barren landscape of endless advertisements and consumption.

On occassion, I sew and paint! I also have a small collection of Raggedy Ann stuff that I might show someday... You know, I have a painting of Judgement Boy on my wall because I thought it was funny, but sometimes I look up from my desk and see Judgement Boy and feel hatred. There's a ton of valentine's day decorations tacked up around my room. Just because.

The background image of this page is from sadgrl.online's tiled bg page!


These sites are cool as hell, check them out!!! I'll add more over time.


These are all little buttons, banners, graphics and whatever else made by me. They're free to use, provided that you credit and/or link back to me! I love to make these things... ♥ For the love of god PLEASE don't hotlink.