About Me!

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  • Me

  • Date of Birth: May 5

  • Residence: Middle of Nowhere

  • Occupation: Transgender

  • Gender: Malware

  • Pronouns: it/its

  • File Size: 892 bytes

About Me

Hello, it’s me! You can call me BeebFreeb, the Computer, or “What in the name of God is that thing!?”

My hobbies inlude file formats, analyzing artstyles I enjoy, bitmaps, jpeg compression, video game, Raggedy Ann, scrapbooking, bitmaps, websites, and drawing feverishly. I write and draw for fun.

I aspire to be a social person and love to recieve messages! While often slow to respond, I do try to reply to everyone that messages me.

For those who’d like to know: I am an adult, autistic, and identify as a slur of some kind. (I use it/its pronouns. No, not they/them, that’s different. I am a computerthing. It/its or nothing.)

At the moment, I live in a very rural area with a poor internet connection prone to outages. This means that I sometimes vanish from the face of the internet.