Hi and welcome! This is a (soon to be) collection of silly little stories that all take place in this strange and bizzare world, which is of course called DREAMLAND.

More information is coming along, but as with the rest of this site... This page is under construction <3.


DREAMLAND is divided into six ZONES or DISTRICTS. Each district is a slightly different version of reality, and each one operates on its own fundemental rules of reality and existence. The residents of these districts operate on the rules of their Current Zone... meaning someone from Factory will function differently when compared to someone from Elsewhere! For example, any Factory Denizen could 100% survive being hit with a comedically large hammer or having a grand piano dropped on their head, while a resident of any other zone would... very much not. They simply work on different rules.

About the ZONES:


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Want more INFO? Huh? Huh?

If you do, well uh. Honest to god just check this Toyhou.se folder and the Daisy in Dreamland tag on one of my blogs. Always feel free to message me on either Tumblr or Twitter! If you're cool I'm cool :-).

A lot of the information you can get through those links will (eventually) get put here!