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On Joyscurve, Meltwater 14th 2194, Daisy received an email:

The lease for their old apartment in Sugar City, Factory was finally up, and they had to collect all of their belongings before the 18th... Unfortunately, Daisy had already moved out of Factory entirely, and the Kingdom of Arizona certainly wasn’t making interzonal travel any easier. It ought to be a quick trip from Grey to Factory, yes? Let’s hope that nothing is out of the ordinary.

All sales are final.

Start reading Daisy in DREALMAND here, or click on the Daisy to the left to visit the DREAMLAND homepage!

An untitled wizard comic:

A wizard named the alchemical symbol for an hour aims to create a magnum opus with mysterious fallen stars. He enlists an adventurer to help him but ends up getting dragged along on their quest instead. This one is unfinished and due for a rewrite... but you can still read it here.



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  • ... When should I start clearing out old site update entries?


  • 06/23/2023
  • 05/13/2023
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND Chapter 16 is out: Read it here! I’ve been very excited about this one.
    • The DIDL fan art gallery is now up! You can see it here. Once again, thank you all so much! It means a lot to me and I’m so happy to even be able to put up a fan art page :-) It really makes my day, you know?
  • 04/12/2023
    • The break was longer than intended.
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update! Chapter 15! Give it up for Chapter 15! I wanted to post this in January. I very badly wanted to. Please believe me.
    • I finally got those character profiles done. View them here!
    • ... but I do want to thank everyone who reads and enjoys DIDL. At this point, there’s a few pieces of fanart and it means EVERYTHING to me! It is so, so wonderful to see. I’m planning to create a sort of gallery on this site of it all (if permission is granted by the artist) So please look forward to that. If you’d like to submit something, email me! Again, the support is lovely. Life has been a bit tricky for me lately.
  • 11/14/2022
    • I will be taking a break from updating DIDL for a while! However, I might still add a few side things? Maybe.
  • 10/15/2022
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update! Chapter 14 (con't) is up!
    • I have drawn 17 things for this update and wish to lay in the earth for 10000 million years. Thank you for understanding Heart Emoji
  • 09/10/2022
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update! (The first part of) Chapter 14 is now up. While this update is a quite a bit shorter, the next few updates will be a bit more special! And (hopefully) will not take as long.
    • I am STILL working on those Character Profiles. I've made pretty decent progress, though.
    • Again, if there's anything you'd like to know more about/see in the future, you can contact me!
    • I am trying SO hard not to explode and blow up. Wish me luck!
    • Also you hear about Splatoon? That's swag 🦀🦀🦀
  • 08/19/2022
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND Update! Chapter 13 is now up.
    • I am currently working on Character Profiles as a little bonus thing, so look forwards for that!
  • 08/07/2022
    • Ah you may have noticed... my webby rings? Mine webbed rings? *twirls phone cable* Okay.
    • File I had most of my Daisy in DREAMLAND writing on got irreversibly corrupted. So, that sucks bad and has made me more evil! While chapter 13 has been preserved, parts of future chapters are just... gone. :-( Updates may be even slower than before!
  • 07/26/2022
  • 06/17/2022
    • Did you know: 🖥. Isn't that awesome?
    • About page has been updated with more little graphics. I love e-mails, by the way. If you even care.
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update: Chapter 12 of DIDL is now up! I really like how the panels for this one came out :-D! Daisy is no longer waiting for the bus. Lovely ♥
  • 06/04/2022
    • Edited my about page. Added more buttons for other sites and realized that I overused the word "also" lol
    • Fixed that the DREAMLAND mainpage didn't have the little umbrella cursor! Whoopsie. Also pride image, heehee.
    • Basically all of Chapter 12 is written but I can't draw any panels until I get new tablet stuff. So, delayed until I'm able to get that! Daisy has been waiting for the bus for over a month.
  • 05/05/2022
    • Is my birthday ♥
  • 04/23/2022
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update: Chapter 11 is out, read it here!
      • How quickly someone incorporates into a new zone is affected by how "at home" they feel, their confidence in their identity, willpower, and just plain luck. One's home zone tends to "stick"...
      • Daisy has pushed someone out a window before.
  • 04/16/2022
    • Made about page! There's not much on it because I have the personality of a microwave. An insane little microwave.
  • 04/15/2022
    • I reorganized some of the files for this site. Please let me know if there are any broken links or images by leaving a message on my site profile!
    • Daisy in DREAMLAND update: Chapter 10 is out, so read it here! As a bonus, here are the DREAMLAND fun facts of the whatever:
      • Goodbye has a degree in teaching, but he’s between jobs
      • Jupiter’s truck has a name and it’s “Lucky”
      • Daisy is very divorced and very afraid of their ex-wife.
  • 03/17/2022
    • Images should be more mobile friendly now! (refresh cache)
    • Created this update section :-)
    • NOTICE: Daisy in DREAMLAND updates might be more spaced out for a while. Real life is getting me so there's a big chance I'll be taking a break.

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