HELLO WORLD! I am SID/COMPUTER/SCAM and this is my Awesome Internet Webpage.

It's not DONE yet, so sometimes you'll have to refresh your cache for CSS changes to update!!!


I am what people call a "Little Freak" AKA an "Artist"! I draw things here, that's what I do.

At the moment, my most complete works are:

Daisy in DREAMLAND is about an awful little cat named Daisy, who has to collect all their stuff from their old apartment before their landlord throws it all out... while avoiding the evil king taking over the world.

Wuzard Wurld is about the adventures of a little wizard named ⧖ who is collecting fallen stars to make a powerful artifact.

Both of them are pretty silly!



I am actually an IBM 5150 that became sentient sometime around 2009. I was submerged in a swamp mid-2016 to keep me from taking over the internet, but what THEY don't know is tha

Also I make videos sometimes! Here's one: